Sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple. Happy May Day! #wedding #hairandmakeup #capitola

Sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple. Happy May Day! #wedding #hairandmakeup #capitola

Excited for this fall wedding! #wedding #hairandmakeup #motherdaughter #thiswillbemeoneday 😩

Excited for this fall wedding! #wedding #hairandmakeup #motherdaughter #thiswillbemeoneday 😩

I had the pleasure of working on this mock San Francisco wedding a couple of weeks ago! It was so fun to play and create this vintage hipster look. 

I had so much fun working with Kelly and Tyler who are the genuine people I know. They’re love is sweet and so contagious to be around. You can’t help but laugh the whole time your with them. 

Kelly is an amazing wedding photographer and Tyler is the singer of the talented band Branches. Both of them so original in what they do! and 

It was such a priviledge to work with Jasmine Star who shot this amazing shoot. Seeing her action really was magical and I hope to work with her someday soon! She made it all seem so effortless. The true sign of someone loving what they do and being truly gifted at it. 

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do and that they inspire your big day or next fun event. 


Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs,


Each bride is so different and that’s what makes weddings so fun. Alie was such a surprise. When we first consulted she told me that she wanted to look really playful and fun. If you’ve ever met her she’s anything but fussy and frilly but on her wedding day she went for it! We did a bright pink lip, a fun and sophisticated updo and for her dress…well wait till you see it! Such a surprise for this easy going girl! LOVED it! Word to the wise brides, Do what feels right! 

Daly…I love this family!

This girl is SO gorgeous! We added extensions to her hair to add length since she wanted to wear it down and it really looked stunning. Most importantly she felt like herself!


Summer 2011…

Was a special summer for me. I was blessed to work with three young ladies that in some regard I watched grow up, and might I say into very lovely ladies. Also, along with these ladies I got to work with one of my very special clients Lauren. It’s so fun to share life with my regular clients and watch them get married. 

First I’ll share Lauren…for her hair we added extensions and grew out her bangs…which is never easy to do! But she stuck it out and it turned out beautiful. We did an updo technique called “stitch me up”. Basically instead of using bobby pins I used an upholstery needle and embroidery thread. It’s a super rad way of getting volume and that loose look. A LOT of the updos you see the celebrities wearing are stitched up. At the end of evening instead of pulling out 5,000 bobbies you just have to clip the thread and pull. It’s also a great way of having two looks for your big day because it doesn’t create kinks in the hair. 

Long over due…

Hi! Get ready for a blast of work I’ve done. It’s just been a while since I updated plus it always takes a while to get pictures back form brides and their photographers. I’ll start with my amazing and gorgeous sister…she’s my hero. She’s more like a mother to me. I love her so much. For her wedding I did her hair and makeup as well as my own. Here are a few pictures! 

New goodies…eek!

I’m super excited about these little babies. Maybe later I’ll play around with them and post pics!

lingering eye brow pencil-I always use powder but I’ve been wanting to give this pencil a shot. 

Teddy eye liner-Shimmery brown pencil. This is a must in “Gloria’s” mkup bag from Modern Family 

Brush 226-Smaller more precise blending brush. Very excited about this one! They say it might be discontinued but who knows maybe it’s a winner!

Starting from the upper left…

Blackberry-matte grayish purple, Woodwincked-golden brown (staple), Honesty-warm gold, Expensive Pink-goldish orange pink doe.

This girl is real special to me. I had the honor of being her maid of honor and her hair and makeup artist. She’s an incredibly beautiful girl so this one was a piece of cake! Her doe eyes tell the whole story. 

Her hair was put off to the side in a relaxed but structured way. We constructed her headpiece out of wire and two different sized pearls and pinned in with bobby pins to create an off center “headband”.

Her makeup was fresh and youthful. We played up those beautiful eyes with lots of light colors and liner. On her water line I used a cream colored liner to really make them pop. This is a trick I use on most of my brides. We played up all of her natural beauty and really let it speak for itself. Thanks Sarah for being so special to me. XOXO